Drainage Smells and Other Problems with Your Drainage

There’s a lot you should know about the smells that come from the drain, including the most common questions regarding these smells.

It’s often common to get drain smells from a cloakroom toilet. In such a situation, the smell may be as a result of a blocked drainage or a fault in the drainage.

drainage smell from the sink

Strathfield Plumbers answers common problems and questions related to drain smells:

  • There is some smell that seems to come from the cloakroom toilet. What does this mean?
  • There’s a foul drainage smell coming from the bathroom. What help can I get?
  • My home has a lot of poo smell, do I have a blocked drainage?
  • Who is responsible for fixing drain smells in my home?
  • I have noticed a drain smell around my kitchen, what will I do to make it go away?
  • What’s the smell in the bathroom?
  • Is the foul drain smell dangerous to the health of my family?
  • How is the foul smell from the drainage getting into my house?
  • What can I do to stop the foul drain smell that’s getting in my home?
  • What’s the average cost of fixing the foul drain smell around my house?
  • Who can I call when I notice a foul smell from the drain in my home?
  • What do we call the smell that leaks from the drain into my house?
  • Can I get special tools special tools for detecting foul smells such as hydrogen sulfide (H2S)


Answers to Questions on Drainage Smells:

There is some smell that seems to come from the cloakroom toilet. What does this mean?

In case there are smells that seem to come from the toilet, then there’re some possible causes. Either the drain line is not fitted correctly, or there’s a problematic joint, or it’s coming from the lower floor and moving upwards.

There’s a foul drainage smell coming from the bathroom. What help can I get?

In case you’re looking for assistance but don’t know where to start or who you should call, we can send you a professional plumber anywhere across Strathfield, Sydney.

When trying to trace where the foul smell is coming from, you can start by opening your windows to air and freshen the affected room. There are some tests that will need to be carried out.

One of the tests is doing an air test. Another test is doing a water test by completely sealing all the open ends. These tests are usually timely and can find the source of the smell quite fast.

There are other methods used for testing smells such as using a H2S tester. However, this tool is quite expensive, therefore it’s not cost effective for DIY. Such tools are often used by professionals.

My home has a lot of poo smell, do I have a blocked drainage?

If there’s poo smell coming from the drainage in your home, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the drain line is blocked. May be it’s your toilet that’s blocked and causing a foul smell to come from the toilet.

You can diagnose this issue by opening the drain inspection chamber. You can also check the issue by assessing whether your toilet indeed flushing correctly.

In case you see or hear air bubbles in your toilet, this is a sign that it might be blocked. Such a blockage can be unblocked by a professional drainage engineer or plumber.

Who is responsible for fixing drain smells in my home?

In case you’re having some funny smells in your house that appear to be coming from the drain, you can first determine whether the owner of the property or the local water board is responsible for fixing the issue.

In case you own the property in which the smell is coming from, and the faulty drain is within your property, then you’re responsible for fixing the issue.

If you share the drain line with a neighbor, then your local water board is responsible for fixing it. If you’re not sure, you can confirm with your local water board or sewerage company.

I have noticed a drain smell around my kitchen, what will I do to make it go away?

At times, the drain smell in the kitchen usually comes from the drainage system. This is as a result of grease or waste buildup in the drain pipe that makes H2S smells to come from the drainage.

The best option to eliminate such smells is using chemicals. However, be extra cautious and adhere to manufacturer instructions when using chemicals. It’s best leaving the work to professionals.

sewer smell in bathroom

What’s the smell in the bathroom?

The foul drain smell coming from the drain is referred to as H2S, an abbreviation for Hydrogen Sulfide.

Is the foul drain smell dangerous to the health of my family?

Drain smells that smell like a rotten egg are not healthy. Some drainage gases are dangerous when highly concentrated. Some of these gases can actually ignite. However, such cases are very rare. Thus, there’s no cause for alarm.

How is the foul smell from the drainage getting into my house?

Drainage smells from the drain line may enter your home through the drain. It usually enters through a faulty fitting or faulty waste pipe. The smell may also enter your home through dry pipes that have not been in use for long. The worst smell comes from a faulty fitting within the floor or concrete.

What can I do to stop the foul drain smell that’s getting in my home?

You can cover small openings using plumbers mate or a suitable silicone sealant, but this would depend on the source of the foul smell. You can also eliminate the smell by replacing any faulty traps and other drain fixtures. The worst case scenario is replacing pipes beneath concrete or the floor since you would have to tear up concrete or dig the floor.

What’s the average cost of fixing the foul drain smell around my house?

In case you’re lucky, you may spend a few dollars. However, extreme situations may cost you thousands of dollars. Thus, it’s good for your home to be insured before you experience such situations.

Who can I call when I notice a foul smell from the drain in my home?

In case you’re having smells from your sewer system, it will be a great idea to call an emergency plumber. They will be able to determine whether your waste system is faulty or whether a drainage professional will be required.

What do we call the smell that leaks from the drain into my house?

The most common name used for drain smells is Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S). Other common names used include rotten smells, drainage smells, sewer smells, and raw eggs among others.

Can I get special tools for detecting foul smells such as hydrogen sulfide?

You can buy a H2S tester. The only challenge is that such tools are very expensive. You also have to add a special pump to the tool to detect H2S level in a room.

Rather than going through all these troubles, you can simply contact an expert to come to your residence and solve the smelly drainage problems.


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4 Common Mistakes in DIY Plumbing

Sometimes it’s quite expensive to hire an expert plumber even for a small plumbing task. Thus, most homeowners want to save money by attempting to fix small plumbing issues themselves rather than paying an expert.

common diy plumbing mistakes

However, even the smallest DIY fix could go wrong and lead to more complex issues that only emergency plumbers can fix. Such emergency situations may cost more money due to extra charges for spoilt materials and responding to emergencies.

Choosing the wrong pipes when attempting to fix leaking ones is a very common plumbing mistake. This is in respect to the type and size of the pipes. Some pipes may not fit with existing ones as desired.

Also, using excessive force when attempting to connect the pipes may break them or even break the connectors. You may end up with more leaks in the pipes.

Even worse, pressure may build up and the pipes will end up bursting. Corrosion may start occurring in case you do the wrong thing. A professional plumber will know the correct type of pipe to use, be it copper or galvanized pipes.

For instance, connecting copper and galvanized pipes together may create a conducive environment for corrosion. This will demand frequent repair and replacement of your pipes.

Another major plumbing mistake is using makeshift equipment rather than what professionals use. For instance, there are many homeowners who use ball bearings or marbles instead of using a level when repairing or installing bathroom fixtures.

Ball bearings would never work as effectively as a level. This might lead you to do unnecessary reworks. Using the incorrect level during toilet installation might lead to backups or slow flow in the sewer line.

Using the correct tools for plumbing tasks will save you a lot of time and ensure that your pipes won’t crack when fitting them.

do it yourself plumbing mistakes and how to avoid them

It’s necessary to ensure that you have a great plan and design of the sewer line placement. This is very important, especially when doing plumbing work on a building’s upper floors.

An odd mistake in DIY plumbing is installing the pipes along the incorrect places. This makes them interfere with those who occupy lower floors.

For instance, imagine a situation where you always hear sounds of a flushing toilet from the upper floors, and this always wakes you up. Professional plumbers usually design the drainage system before implementation.

Finally but not least, another plumbing mistake made by most DIY enthusiasts is doing repairs without turning off the main water supply. The initial thing that professional plumbers do is turning off the water even when dealing with the smallest task.

Doing so is necessary to prevent flooding and thereby save your household items from damage. Draining a flooded room would also take a lot of time.

Trying to solve small plumbing problems without professional assistance can lead to bigger problems. While hiring a local emergency plumber might be more expensive than DIY, it will eventually save you more problems and money.

Always be cautious when doing plumbing tasks on your own to avoid making costly mistakes. Simply call an expert when faced with a plumbing issue that you’re not sure how to solve it the right way.


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Why DIY Plumbing May Ultimately Cost You a Lot More

Have you ever faced an electrical issue at home but you couldn’t fix it for fear of getting electrified? Electric shocks are extremely dangerous. They are often fierce.

diy plumbing repair techniques

However, very few people care what would actually happen whenever they attempt to fix plumbing issues on their own and when the entire system fails.

Apparently, most people assume that plumbing issues don’t pose major risks, that’s why they prefer fixing plumbing issues themselves rather than hiring a plumber. However, the truth is, most people end up calling emergency plumbers after messing everything up and everyone scampering for safety.

Some common questions that people ask:

  • Is it illegal to do your own plumbing?

  • How do you fix common plumbing problems?

  • Can I do plumbing without a license?

  • Do I need a permit to replace plumbing?

  • Do you need a permit to Repipe your house?

  • Can a homeowner install a water heater?

Plumbing is a very interesting job to do. Most plumbing experts find it necessary to keep journals about their thrilling experiences in the course of their work.

For instance, a husband who works in the IT sector can get home only for his wife to report a leaking kitchen faucet. Instinctively, he will assume that it won’t be necessary to pay someone else to repair a leaking faucet. But what will happen afterwards? He will gather some crude equipment from his garage and start doing the repair.

Most probably, he will do the repair in haste with the aim of doing some work on his computer or watching a favorite TV show. Before even realizing it, he will be dealing with gushing water or even assume that a gush is not a big issue.

woman having plumbing problems with her sink diy

Upon finding it necessary to call a nearby emergency plumber, his ankles will be soaked in water, and he won’t even recall what the issue was all about in the first place.

With that said, what can you do to be safe from such extreme plumbing nightmares? Simply erase plumbing repairs from your DIY list. You would be lucky not to have a flood in your home. Most people who attempt to solve such issues themselves often end up worsening them.

An emergency plumber in Strathfield, will fix the issue. It’ll obviously take a little bit longer to fix since you only made it worse by tampering with the entire system. Moreover, you might end up replacing some damaged fixtures in your home, and this will cost you more money.

While DIY plumbing is often seen as a money saving option, it might ultimately cost you more. The best option is calling an expert any time you notice the slightest issue with any of your plumbing lines and fixtures. In case you’re planning for a remodeling project, especially a project involving your kitchen or bathroom, then you’d rather call a local emergency plumber.

Hiring a professional company that offers emergency plumbing should never be seen as wasting money but a great investment. Professional companies should have a reliable customer care desk which always listens to customer alerts 24/7. They should be able to answer calls no matter the time you call them. Contact Strathfield Plumbers today to learn more.


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24-Hour Broken Toilet Repair, Material List, and Information

In case you have an emergency about a damaged toilet and require repair from a nearby plumber in Strathfield, then you’ve landed on the right page.

Here, you’ll also find a full list of toilet materials and all the information you’d need regarding your broken toilet. In case you’re a plumber, this page will help you with a useful list for the necessary materials required for fixing broken toilets.

broken toilet repair

You’ll also find the different parts that are needed in toilet repair emergencies. You can simply bookmark this page to help you during a rainy day. In case you’re a customer, you’ll also benefit from this list. You can actually stock these materials in your van when going out to shop for repair materials.

Materials necessary for emergency repair of a broken toilet:

  • Toilet siphon (7-8 inches)
  • Toilet hook (long, medium, and small)
  • Emergency washers (complete selection)
  • Overflow
  • Toilet handle
  • Selection of donut washers and back plates
  • Underwater setting silicone
  • Handle lever for a toilet (plastic option)
  • Float (ball type)
  • Adjustable float valve (ball type)
  • A range of screws and wing nuts
  • 1 side entry valve
  • 2 adjustable bottom entry valves
  • Tap connector
  • Open flush toilet lever siphon
  • Water spill container
  • An isolation valve (15mm)
  • Selection of pan connectors
  • Toilet overflow blank
  • Toilet float type of operation valve (narrow option)

Tips for Fixing Your Broken Toilet (What You Should Do)

In case your toilet is damaged, you should treat it as an emergency. A toilet is a crucial amenity that should be fully functional at all times. If it’s broken and you’re wondering what you’ll do, or you’re inexperienced in handling such a situation, or you lack the correct tools and materials for the job, then consider calling a nearby emergency plumber.

However, if you want to do the repair yourself, it’s crucial to ensure that you completely turn off the water supply to the toilet. If you are emptying the cistern, it will help to have a dry and wet vacuum cleaner for sucking up any remaining water in the cistern.

When fixing your broken toilet, you should focus on doing everything right. Else, leave the repair work to a professional emergency plumber. If you’re replacing the siphon in your toilet, you should also consider replacing the donut washer and back plate.

When replacing the donut washer and back plate, it’s crucial to use the correct ones. If not, you might end up adding more problems or even lead to water leakage.

toilet repair to replace broken flange

What to Expect Your Plumber to Come With When Repairing Your Broken Toilet

Once you contact your plumber, you should check whether they have carried the aforementioned materials. Average plumbers may fail to carry some of the materials.

Thus, it’s important to check what they’ll carry. Only deal with reputable plumbers. If your toilet has developed a crack, turn off the water supply to the toilet and save your money before your plumber arrives.


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Do Leaking Pipes Cause Damage

Leaking spigots, toilets, and faucets are some of the most common plumbing fixtures that get problems once in a while. You’ll be very surprised by the actual cost that a leaking pipe can cause, especially when the problem is not attended to for a long period.

leaking pipes and burst repair

Besides incurring high costs of repair, you might also lose more money with respect to the damage that your property might undergo. You can avoid calling a local emergency plumber by fixing leakages soonest possible and save money.

  • What to do if your pipes are leaking?

  • How much does it cost to fix a leaky pipe?

  • Can you tape a leaking pipe?

  • What causes leaks in pipes?

There are many plumbers throughout Strathfield, Sydney, who are always available with regular appointments. They can assist you to fix plumbing issues before they go out of hand and save money.

Sometimes, a tiny leakage in a plumbing line may be unnoticed for quite some time, even for years. While this may not appear like something major since the hole might be extremely tiny, the leak may result into a bigger burden that may cost you more money.

Over time, leaking pipes may create conditions that encourage the growth of mold. If the plumbing line is inside a wall, or anywhere within your home, it might eventually become a very costly repair. It might even extend beyond just patching or replacing the pipe.

Also, any leaks that are close to household appliances may impact negatively on their effectiveness. For instance, you can end up having an electrical and plumbing emergency at the same time in case you fail to attend to a leaking pipe quickly.

pipe leak repair strathfield plumbers

In case you reside in Strathfield, Sydney, simply call a nearby emergency plumber to repair any leaking pipe. It’s always advisable to repair damages in the best possible way to avoid recurring problems that may be more costly. Thus, it’s always best to hire a professional to ensure the problem is rectified once and for all and within the shortest time possible.

But what should you do about a leak that is almost impossible to trace? At times, there are some leaking spots that you can’t know their location easily without professional inspection.

Thus, you should have your plumbing line inspected by an expert annually to make sure there are no hidden leaks. The best option for dealing with leaking pipes is preventing them from occurring in the first place. You can do this by hiring a plumber to inspect them. Also, it will help to clean the pipes regularly to ensure deposits won’t build up over time.

In case there’s a major leak or a burst in a pipe, then you’ll most likely need a professional plumber to repair the damage. A nearby emergency plumber is surely better placed to ensure your pipes are fully functional at all times.


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How to Connect Plumbing to a Refrigerator

It’s not an easy task to connect plumbing to the fridge. This is not a task for faint-hearted individuals. Having a plumbing system in your refrigerator comes with multiple benefits, including cool and filtered water, and an ice maker.

install refrigerator plumbing
Image source: familyhandyman.com

While some fridges come with such options, it does not mean that they’re automatically available. Although calling a local plumber is a good thing to do, if you reside in Strathfield, Sydney, there are many other options you can try.

In case you’re a DIY handy person, there are some things you should know. In case you can’t DIY, you might end up paying for the services of an emergency plumber in Strathfield.

Most local hardware outlets sell ready made plumbing kits that can assist you to bring pipe water to the refrigerator. However, some of these kits are not made of the best quality. Some of them are prone to bursts, leaks, and lack some necessary functionalities.

In some cases, the kits fail to meet the necessary local plumbing codes and regulations. Thus, you’d rather inquire from a local plumber about the best option in your region.

plumbing to refrigerator

Regardless, the main challenge that all DIY plumbers face is dealing with cold water lines. It’s obvious that you’ll have to cut water flow to the piping system in your property before doing any renovation.

In most cases, you can find a cold water pipe below your kitchen sink. This line would be adequate to supply water to your fridge. However, it would be better if you can find such a line inside the walls or underground. Before you tear up the kitchen, it would help to ensure you are aware of what you are tearing up.

Always avoid touching any insulation, plumbing implements, and electrical wires. Otherwise, you might end up calling a local emergency plumber and a nearby emergency electrician all at once before the end of the day.

You should install a flexible copper tube of a specific length to guarantee quality, easy service, and easy usage. It’ll also be a great idea to make a plan for the copper tubing route that will be most convenient for your needs.

Ensure the route adheres to your local area codes. You might need a drill to make some holes right behind your cabinets or for hiding the tubing. The best options for connecting a water line is using a tee fitting by soldering or compressing it.

A saddle valve is another option but it’s not dependable. Saddle valves may fail to meet the codes in most jurisdictions. In fact, most professional plumbers advise homeowners to remove some portion of a cold water line to create room for inserting a soldered copper tee measuring 0.5 inches.

You’d also have to connect a water pipe onto a compression stop valve. This will create room for emergency access in case a burst occurs. Before starting to run your fridge, ensure there’s a good water stream running through the copper tubing.

This will ensure that there are no leaks or cracks anywhere. In case you’re a DIY handy person, you won’t need to hire a plumber during the installation process. Nevertheless, if you reside in Strathfield, inner-west Sydney area, and need a nearby emergency plumber, you got covered with respect to experience, speed of response, and quality.


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Why You Might Have To Hire a Nearby Emergency Plumber

Today, most people take things such as running water for granted. It’s the expectation of most people to get fresh tap water whenever they turn on their taps. They also expect to flush their toilets seamlessly when getting rid of their waste.

emergency plumber near me

Basically, these are crucial amenities in this 21st century in any household. Thus, whenever water fails to flow properly, you can experience a major disruption and setback in your daily routines.

There are many things that can go wrong with your home’s plumbing system. Some problems with plumbing demand the services of an experienced plumber to fix.

Whenever you face a plumbing problem that you want to have fixed soonest possible, contact your nearby emergency plumber for fast response and repair.

If your drain is taking more time to empty waste water than usual, this is a major sign of problems with your plumbing system.

Maybe you’re shaving and filing your sink with water but when you plug it off to empty the sink bowl, water is still lingering in the bowl rather than flowing normally.

It might even make funny noise before draining completely. If you notice such an issue, a clog might be building up in your sink drain. Although it’s not yet totally clogged, you can’t know when it’ll clog completely or even overflow.

Always pay special attention to such signs of possible drain clogs to avoid facing major plumbing problems.

Another major sign of an impending problem is when water is flowing from the faucets somehow slower than how it normally flows, or with lower pressure.

This is an indicator that the main supply line that supplies water in your home might be having a problem. In case this is happening during the winter season, it’s a strong indicator that a partially frozen piping system is the cause.

Rather than struggling to find the problematic pipe yourself, simply contact a local emergency plumber immediately. A professional plumber is trained to find blockages in plumbing systems such as frozen pipes.

Also, they have the know-how and proper tools to resolve such problems. In case you attempt to solve the issue yourself, you might make the pipe fully frozen. You can even burst the pipe in the worst case scenario.

You may also face a situation in your home where a toilet fails to flush like it normally does. In case the drain line of your toilet has a clog, water may swirl around the toilet bowl rather than being sucked out like it normally does.

If the level of water in the bowl rises or remains steady, it could be an indicator of a serious clog. If you attempt to remove the clog while testing to check whether the problem has cleared by flushing repeatedly, you might end up making the bowl overflow.

This will create a bigger and dirtier mess to deal with. The best and safest way to deal with such clogs is hiring a professional plumber.

In case you start noticing that the water system is not functioning as it does in terms of capacity or speed, ensure you attend to the issue soonest possible.

Simply call a nearby emergency plumber immediately. If you wait longer, the water problem may worsen and this will interfere with your daily routines.

A professional plumber has the expertise to test the entire system and make appropriate repairs. Always ensure safety comes first with regard to water supply in your property.


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Tips for Unclogging a Toilet

There are many plumbing problems that you can face in your home. For instance, clogged toilets are the last plumbing issues you would want to tackle.

unclogging a toilet

In this post, we’ll try to cover some common topics related to clogged toilets:

  • How do you unclog a toilet when a plunger doesn’t work?

  • What can you pour down a toilet to unclog it?

  • How do you unclog a toilet without a poop plunger?

  • Will a toilet eventually unclog itself?

For some situations, a plunger may work, but it might not work for other situations. You may also want to call a local emergency plumber.

While this might be one of the best ideas, there are some techniques you can try to unclog your toilet rather than hiring a professional. However, if the issue is a major one, you may have to hire a professional.

It’s often easy and stress-free to trace where the clog is located. However, in some cases, the clog may be located deep within the piping. This can make it extremely challenging to trace especially when you’re not a DIY handy person when it comes to plumbing.

how to unclog a toilet with a plunger

Before you start doing anything, flush the toilet once. If you flush it multiple times, the toilet bowl may end up being overfilled. This may lead to more damage that will only worsen the situation.

While handling any toilet clog, make sure you wear heavy duty cleaning gloves. This will keep you safe from getting harmful bacteria on your skin. Also, place some newspapers or towels around the toilet base to take care of your safety.

Also, remember to turn off the water supply to your toilet. The room should also have proper ventilation to ensure that intoxicants and foul odors won’t make the room stuffy. Once you’ve prepared for the task ahead, you may start trying to unclog the toilet.

First, put some dish soap or detergent into the bowl. Then add hot water (not boiling) into the bowl to about halfway. The heat of the hot water will mix with the soap quickly and soften the toilet clog.

In some cases, this trick may work immediately. In case the clog persists, you can try other options before calling a nearby emergency plumber.

In case the hot water and soap method fails to work for you, try the plunging method. Avoid using the plunger forceful since it might force the clog to move to a tighter position.

Pushing the plunger creates significant pressure on the pipe. Nevertheless, you’ll still have to use significant pressure when using the plunger. Ensure you’re creating a very tight seal when using a plunger on the drain. Add water into the toilet bowl when necessary.

If you know the kind of obstruction that has clogged the toilet, you can use a plumber’s snake or coat hanger to unclog it. For example, if a toy was dropped into the bowl, it can be removed easily with a sturdy wire like that of coat hangers or using a plumber’s snake.

In case you can’t fix the problem on your own, call Strathfield Plumbers. Such a clog is an indicator of a major sewage issue and it might need professional assistance to fix.


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Tips for Retrieving Items in Sink Drains

Losing something valuable is extremely frustrating. It’s something that happens from time to time.

We have all lost valuable items at some point in life. This often leads to anger or searching for the item around the home with the hopes of finding it.

retrieve items from sink

Have you ever wondered:

  • How do you get something dropped down the drain?

  • Why do sinks have P traps?

  • What do you do when you drop jewelry down the sink?

  • How do you get an earring out of the drain?

  • What to do if you drop your ring down the drain?

  • How do I get something stuck out of my sink?

If you have ever lost something in the drain, it often goes out of reach. This feels quite terrible since it may be cumbersome to retrieve it yourself.

For instance, losing your wedding ring in a drain will surely demand to call a nearby emergency plumber. However, before doing that, there are certain options you can try on your own to retrieve an item that has gone down your sink drain.

how to retrieve an item that went down the drain

One of the simplest options you can try is using a vacuum. A vacuum is great in that it doesn’t involve getting your hands or clothes dirty. An item such as an earring can easily get suctioned by a vacuum cleaner.

However, you should use a pantyhose or nylon on the suction section to ensure you won’t lose your valuable while vacuuming. Simply place the hose of the vacuum on the drain of the sink.

Turn the vacuum on and leave it on the drain for approximately 15 seconds. In case the valuable item is light and small enough, it might get attached on the nylon paper you placed over the hose.

In case this fails to work, you’ll need to try other options. A valuable item that has fallen into the drain may demand to call a nearby emergency plumber in Strathfield for assistance in retrieving it.

Of course, that’s a good thing to do. However, you can save some money by doing the dirty work rather than leaving everything to an expert. When trying to retrieve an item by yourself, first turn off all water pipes leading to the drain.

In most homes, you’ll find some valves beneath the sink. Turn them off to stop the water supply to the sink. In case you lose an item in your kitchen sink, it’ll help to remove the kitchen garbage disposal.

Once you do that, you’ll need to find the pipe “trap”. It’s usually u-shaped and found beneath the sink. This is probably where your item may have fallen unless it’s buoyant. If you fail to find the item here, you’ll need to clear the section beneath the sink.

First, place towels or rags below the trap. This will prevent water from spilling below the sink. You might need to have a bucket around when removing the trap to collect any water that may spill.

Take a channel lock type of pliers or pipe wrench to loosen the nuts that hold the trap onto the piping. Once it loosens, untwist the nuts using your fingers. Dump any content in the trap into a bucket.

Then start searching for the item you lost. It won’t take long to re-attach everything back in place. This way, you’ll have saved a lot of money by doing it yourself rather than contacting your emergency plumber.


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How You Should Respond To Plumbing Emergencies

Emergencies are normal. They happen occasionally. How you attend to emergencies has a major effect on everyone around you, including yourself.

emergency plumber services 24 hours

Find an emergency plumber near you

While a plumbing emergency may not appear to be a dire issue when compared to other kinds of emergencies, it’s still quite stressful to handle. The last thing any homeowner wants is calling a local emergency plumber whenever there’s an emergency plumbing issue.

However, it’s often necessary to call a plumber. Even before making that crucial call, there are certain things you can do to solve a plumbing issue right away.

When do you need an emergency plumber?

In case the plumbing work involves a lot of water leaking or spewing from the pipes, then you can call a plumber later on. Burst pipes can be fixed temporarily by turning off the main valve to your home. In some cases, you can find a valve along the indoor pipes.

The valve is similar to the valves beneath the sink or near the toilet. In case the burst or broken pipe is within the house, then turn off the shutoff valve that regulates water flowing to that pipe.

If the pipe that has burst is around an area that doesn’t have a valve, then you should turn off the water flow from the master valve. The master valve is normally fitted close your home’s water meter.

This valve cuts the entire water supply to the home. This will stop the water leakage effectively until your local emergency plumber arrives to fix the pipe.

Once you stop the water flow, you can call the plumber. In case the burst occurs along a pipe that has a valve, a sink or any other plumbing utility that is not necessary, then you can have it fixed by your plumber later on upon scheduling for an appointment.

Plumbing emergencies do not always lead to lots of water flow. Since water pipes are similar to gas lines, most plumbers are also well equipped in fixing gas lines.

If you happen to notice any gas leakage, you should turn the gas valve immediately or ensure everyone leaves the home immediately. Gas leakages pose a greater risk to your life and property than water leakage.

Thus, always move away from the home immediately. You can also alert your neighbors about the gas leak.

Gas leaks must be handled carefully. Call a local gas company or emergency plumber to fix the problem immediately. In most scenarios, it requires special tools to shut the gas completely.

Most households luck such tools. All emergencies should always be treated with caution and attended to immediately. Always avoid panicking or doing the wrong thing while attempting to remedy the issue.

Costs to hire an emergency plumber

Emergency plumbers usually ask for a call-out fee somewhere around $50 and $100 and on top will add an hourly rate of $50-$75 per hour. So you can expect to pay around $100 to $125 per hour for emergency services by a plumber.

Calling your emergency plumber will surely save your home, property and even your precious life and that of your family.


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