24-Hour Broken Toilet Repair, Material List, and Information

In case you have an emergency about a damaged toilet and require repair from a nearby plumber in Strathfield, then you’ve landed on the right page.

Here, you’ll also find a full list of toilet materials and all the information you’d need regarding your broken toilet. In case you’re a plumber, this page will help you with a useful list for the necessary materials required for fixing broken toilets.

broken toilet repair

You’ll also find the different parts that are needed in toilet repair emergencies. You can simply bookmark this page to help you during a rainy day. In case you’re a customer, you’ll also benefit from this list. You can actually stock these materials in your van when going out to shop for repair materials.

Materials necessary for emergency repair of a broken toilet:

  • Toilet siphon (7-8 inches)
  • Toilet hook (long, medium, and small)
  • Emergency washers (complete selection)
  • Overflow
  • Toilet handle
  • Selection of donut washers and back plates
  • Underwater setting silicone
  • Handle lever for a toilet (plastic option)
  • Float (ball type)
  • Adjustable float valve (ball type)
  • A range of screws and wing nuts
  • 1 side entry valve
  • 2 adjustable bottom entry valves
  • Tap connector
  • Open flush toilet lever siphon
  • Water spill container
  • An isolation valve (15mm)
  • Selection of pan connectors
  • Toilet overflow blank
  • Toilet float type of operation valve (narrow option)

Tips for Fixing Your Broken Toilet (What You Should Do)

In case your toilet is damaged, you should treat it as an emergency. A toilet is a crucial amenity that should be fully functional at all times. If it’s broken and you’re wondering what you’ll do, or you’re inexperienced in handling such a situation, or you lack the correct tools and materials for the job, then consider calling a nearby emergency plumber.

However, if you want to do the repair yourself, it’s crucial to ensure that you completely turn off the water supply to the toilet. If you are emptying the cistern, it will help to have a dry and wet vacuum cleaner for sucking up any remaining water in the cistern.

When fixing your broken toilet, you should focus on doing everything right. Else, leave the repair work to a professional emergency plumber. If you’re replacing the siphon in your toilet, you should also consider replacing the donut washer and back plate.

When replacing the donut washer and back plate, it’s crucial to use the correct ones. If not, you might end up adding more problems or even lead to water leakage.

toilet repair to replace broken flange

What to Expect Your Plumber to Come With When Repairing Your Broken Toilet

Once you contact your plumber, you should check whether they have carried the aforementioned materials. Average plumbers may fail to carry some of the materials.

Thus, it’s important to check what they’ll carry. Only deal with reputable plumbers. If your toilet has developed a crack, turn off the water supply to the toilet and save your money before your plumber arrives.


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