4 Common Mistakes in DIY Plumbing

Sometimes it’s quite expensive to hire an expert plumber even for a small plumbing task. Thus, most homeowners want to save money by attempting to fix small plumbing issues themselves rather than paying an expert.

common diy plumbing mistakes

However, even the smallest DIY fix could go wrong and lead to more complex issues that only emergency plumbers can fix. Such emergency situations may cost more money due to extra charges for spoilt materials and responding to emergencies.

Choosing the wrong pipes when attempting to fix leaking ones is a very common plumbing mistake. This is in respect to the type and size of the pipes. Some pipes may not fit with existing ones as desired.

Also, using excessive force when attempting to connect the pipes may break them or even break the connectors. You may end up with more leaks in the pipes.

Even worse, pressure may build up and the pipes will end up bursting. Corrosion may start occurring in case you do the wrong thing. A professional plumber will know the correct type of pipe to use, be it copper or galvanized pipes.

For instance, connecting copper and galvanized pipes together may create a conducive environment for corrosion. This will demand frequent repair and replacement of your pipes.

Another major plumbing mistake is using makeshift equipment rather than what professionals use. For instance, there are many homeowners who use ball bearings or marbles instead of using a level when repairing or installing bathroom fixtures.

Ball bearings would never work as effectively as a level. This might lead you to do unnecessary reworks. Using the incorrect level during toilet installation might lead to backups or slow flow in the sewer line.

Using the correct tools for plumbing tasks will save you a lot of time and ensure that your pipes won’t crack when fitting them.

do it yourself plumbing mistakes and how to avoid them

It’s necessary to ensure that you have a great plan and design of the sewer line placement. This is very important, especially when doing plumbing work on a building’s upper floors.

An odd mistake in DIY plumbing is installing the pipes along the incorrect places. This makes them interfere with those who occupy lower floors.

For instance, imagine a situation where you always hear sounds of a flushing toilet from the upper floors, and this always wakes you up. Professional plumbers usually design the drainage system before implementation.

Finally but not least, another plumbing mistake made by most DIY enthusiasts is doing repairs without turning off the main water supply. The initial thing that professional plumbers do is turning off the water even when dealing with the smallest task.

Doing so is necessary to prevent flooding and thereby save your household items from damage. Draining a flooded room would also take a lot of time.

Trying to solve small plumbing problems without professional assistance can lead to bigger problems. While hiring a local emergency plumber might be more expensive than DIY, it will eventually save you more problems and money.

Always be cautious when doing plumbing tasks on your own to avoid making costly mistakes. Simply call an expert when faced with a plumbing issue that you’re not sure how to solve it the right way.


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