Fixing a Leaking Faucet

Strathfield Plumbers explain how you can fix a leaking faucet:

It’s crucial to have faucets in many parts of the home. They dispense water from several water outlets. Faucets are often taken for granted. However, they shouldn’t be ignored when they start leaking.

how to fix a leaky faucet

While a leaking faucet is not an emergency plumbing job, it may be quite annoying. Some faucet leaks drip every second, and this can keep you awake. If this is the case, you may want to call emergency plumbers to repair the faucet. However, it’s possible to fix it yourself.

Some commonly asked questions include:

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  • How much water does a dripping tap waste each day?

  • How much water does a leaking tap waste?

In some cases, leaky faucets may not annoy you at all. If they’re not annoying you, you may find yourself allowing them to continue dripping. You’ll surely not realize the cost of leaking faucets over time.

In reality, the water bill may increase significantly when you ignore the leaking for a prolonged period. A drip every second may waste at least 200L of water on a weekly basis. This may amount to at least 10,000L of water annually if the faucets remain unchecked.

plumber fixing a dripping tap

Such excessive wastage of water will surely reflect on your water bill. However, before you contact your local emergency plumber, there are some tactics you can rely on to get the faucet fixed right away.

In most cases, bathroom sinks and kitchen sinks may have some compression faucets. Such faucets have “cold” and “hot” handles for cooling down or heating up the water. If this is the case, you should start with turning off the flow of water by turning off the valves below the sink, along the pipes.

Once done, remove the “cold” and “hot” water handles. You can also remove the decorative cap in case one is attached. You’ll see a nut below the handles. You may use a wrench to unscrew it.

Once you unscrew it, you’ll get to see the O-ring, seat washer, and the stem. Remove the pipe stem  and O-ring. In case the handles are leaky, the O-ring should also be replaced. Take a screwdriver and remove the washer. The washer may be the main issue in a leaky faucet. It has to be replaced to rectify the problem.

Before inserting a new washer, coat it using some plumbing grease. This will make it last longer. Once done, put everything you removed back into its right place.

This way, you’ll have a non-dripping and fully functional sink. In case you encounter challenges when fixing the faucet, then you may contact your local emergency plumber rather than doing it yourself.


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