How to Connect Plumbing to a Refrigerator

It’s not an easy task to connect plumbing to the fridge. This is not a task for faint-hearted individuals. Having a plumbing system in your refrigerator comes with multiple benefits, including cool and filtered water, and an ice maker.

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While some fridges come with such options, it does not mean that they’re automatically available. Although calling a local plumber is a good thing to do, if you reside in Strathfield, Sydney, there are many other options you can try.

In case you’re a DIY handy person, there are some things you should know. In case you can’t DIY, you might end up paying for the services of an emergency plumber in Strathfield.

Most local hardware outlets sell ready made plumbing kits that can assist you to bring pipe water to the refrigerator. However, some of these kits are not made of the best quality. Some of them are prone to bursts, leaks, and lack some necessary functionalities.

In some cases, the kits fail to meet the necessary local plumbing codes and regulations. Thus, you’d rather inquire from a local plumber about the best option in your region.

plumbing to refrigerator

Regardless, the main challenge that all DIY plumbers face is dealing with cold water lines. It’s obvious that you’ll have to cut water flow to the piping system in your property before doing any renovation.

In most cases, you can find a cold water pipe below your kitchen sink. This line would be adequate to supply water to your fridge. However, it would be better if you can find such a line inside the walls or underground. Before you tear up the kitchen, it would help to ensure you are aware of what you are tearing up.

Always avoid touching any insulation, plumbing implements, and electrical wires. Otherwise, you might end up calling a local emergency plumber and a nearby emergency electrician all at once before the end of the day.

You should install a flexible copper tube of a specific length to guarantee quality, easy service, and easy usage. It’ll also be a great idea to make a plan for the copper tubing route that will be most convenient for your needs.

Ensure the route adheres to your local area codes. You might need a drill to make some holes right behind your cabinets or for hiding the tubing. The best options for connecting a water line is using a tee fitting by soldering or compressing it.

A saddle valve is another option but it’s not dependable. Saddle valves may fail to meet the codes in most jurisdictions. In fact, most professional plumbers advise homeowners to remove some portion of a cold water line to create room for inserting a soldered copper tee measuring 0.5 inches.

You’d also have to connect a water pipe onto a compression stop valve. This will create room for emergency access in case a burst occurs. Before starting to run your fridge, ensure there’s a good water stream running through the copper tubing.

This will ensure that there are no leaks or cracks anywhere. In case you’re a DIY handy person, you won’t need to hire a plumber during the installation process. Nevertheless, if you reside in Strathfield, inner-west Sydney area, and need a nearby emergency plumber, you got covered with respect to experience, speed of response, and quality.


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