Tips for Retrieving Items in Sink Drains

Losing something valuable is extremely frustrating. It’s something that happens from time to time.

We have all lost valuable items at some point in life. This often leads to anger or searching for the item around the home with the hopes of finding it.

retrieve items from sink

Have you ever wondered:

  • How do you get something dropped down the drain?

  • Why do sinks have P traps?

  • What do you do when you drop jewelry down the sink?

  • How do you get an earring out of the drain?

  • What to do if you drop your ring down the drain?

  • How do I get something stuck out of my sink?

If you have ever lost something in the drain, it often goes out of reach. This feels quite terrible since it may be cumbersome to retrieve it yourself.

For instance, losing your wedding ring in a drain will surely demand to call a nearby emergency plumber. However, before doing that, there are certain options you can try on your own to retrieve an item that has gone down your sink drain.

how to retrieve an item that went down the drain

One of the simplest options you can try is using a vacuum. A vacuum is great in that it doesn’t involve getting your hands or clothes dirty. An item such as an earring can easily get suctioned by a vacuum cleaner.

However, you should use a pantyhose or nylon on the suction section to ensure you won’t lose your valuable while vacuuming. Simply place the hose of the vacuum on the drain of the sink.

Turn the vacuum on and leave it on the drain for approximately 15 seconds. In case the valuable item is light and small enough, it might get attached on the nylon paper you placed over the hose.

In case this fails to work, you’ll need to try other options. A valuable item that has fallen into the drain may demand to call a nearby emergency plumber in Strathfield for assistance in retrieving it.

Of course, that’s a good thing to do. However, you can save some money by doing the dirty work rather than leaving everything to an expert. When trying to retrieve an item by yourself, first turn off all water pipes leading to the drain.

In most homes, you’ll find some valves beneath the sink. Turn them off to stop the water supply to the sink. In case you lose an item in your kitchen sink, it’ll help to remove the kitchen garbage disposal.

Once you do that, you’ll need to find the pipe “trap”. It’s usually u-shaped and found beneath the sink. This is probably where your item may have fallen unless it’s buoyant. If you fail to find the item here, you’ll need to clear the section beneath the sink.

First, place towels or rags below the trap. This will prevent water from spilling below the sink. You might need to have a bucket around when removing the trap to collect any water that may spill.

Take a channel lock type of pliers or pipe wrench to loosen the nuts that hold the trap onto the piping. Once it loosens, untwist the nuts using your fingers. Dump any content in the trap into a bucket.

Then start searching for the item you lost. It won’t take long to re-attach everything back in place. This way, you’ll have saved a lot of money by doing it yourself rather than contacting your emergency plumber.


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